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About CUBE

CUBE is a cloud-based platform that revolutionizes the management of Building and Infrastructure Projects. stands for Connected Unified Built Environment Management System, which combines the functionalities of a Common Data Environment (CDE) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. It enables stakeholders and project teams to collaborate seamlessly by creating Digital Twins, serving as a powerful central data
repository. This repository coupled with other features encourages collaboration on a digital platform that helps stakeholders in managing their properties and assets.

With CUBE, users can create up-to-date replicas of physical assets, integrating Design, Construction, and Operational data. The platform integrates BIM models with on-site BMS, CAFM, or CMMS systems to capture live data, allowing for advanced asset tracking and
monitoring on the web. Users can also link relevant documents such as work orders, operational manuals, as-built drawings, and equipment specifications.

Key features of CUBE include comprehensive User Management, Document Management, Issues & Task management, insightful Reporting and Analytics, seamless Integration with
other software applications and platforms, automated Notifications for specific events, and more. CUBE is built on a modern Tech Stack and has a micro-services architecture and designed to be scalable to handle increasing data and users. CUBE offers various options for Data storage making it a ‘one of a kind’ solution.

CUBE is a game-changer for the Real Estate and Property Management sector, providing a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and enhance collaboration throughout a project’s lifecycle. Through our visionary approach, we aim to redefine industry standards, empower stakeholders, and enable organizations to unlock the full potential of their assets, ensuring a connected, sustainable, and prosperous built environment for generations to

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