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Prengi – a comprehensive system for clear and effective property management! Prengi is the best innovative product of 2020, according to the EBRD. Already more than 15,000 facilities are serviced by Prengi.

The system combines all the necessary processes for managing the operation and maintenance of any number of facilities online, such as:

  •  Complete information on your buildings and their equipment
  • Modules for property maintenance
  • Control and evaluation of facilities
  • Personnel management and working hour accounting
  • Supplier interaction
  • Capital management
  •  Statistics and analytics

Complete information about your facility, equipment, employees, cost, records, and plans all in one place and accessible online. All in one application, in constant access, in a convenient and simple interface – managing the operation of facilities has never been so efficient, predictable, and profitable!

Using the application will ensure:

  1. Reduction of time for completing tasks,
  2. Systematical control of processes and employees thereby minimizing human error,
  3. Acceleration of decision-making,
  4. The ability to control costs,
  5. Major reduction in FM cost (our clients save from 12-18%),
  6. Significant reduction in energy consumption (9% or higher),
  7. Increasing your real estate ROI.

Created for: Real estate owners, Management companies, and Service companies.

Prengi is ready to use a solution that can be customized for companies in different industries, regardless of their size. No extra coding is needed.