2nd Annual Middle East Proptech Innovation Summit 2024


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Registration & Welcome Coffee

Opening Note by the Chairperson

Empowering PropTech Growth - The UAE Government’s Initiatives and Strategies for Advancing the Sector

  • What impact does government support have on property transactions and management?
  • How is property technology fostering connections between developers, buyers, and sellers in the thriving UAE property market?
  • A regulatory beacon towards the future of Proptech

The Impact of Blockchain Technology - Enabling Secure and Transparent Real Estate Transactions

  • How does blockchain facilitate the transparency of transactions?
  • How does blockchain enhance security in real estate?
  • The role of blockchain in providing a new means for buyers and seller to connect

Panel Discussion| Technological Revolution - Reshaping the Real Estate Landscape Through Innovation

  • How does data-driven insights and decision-making facilitate transaction in the industry?
  • Understanding the role of technology in shaping the real-estate realm in general
  • Future trends in Real Estate Innovation

Redefining Real Estate - The Allure of PropTech for Modern Investors

  • The role of tech-driven solutions in offering new investment opportunities
  • Understanding digital platforms providing real-time access to investment information
  • What are the benefits of increased efficiency and transparency provided by Proptech platforms?

Networking & Coffee Break

Fireside Chat | The Digital Oasis - Exploring the Meteoric Rise of PropTech in the UAE

  • How UAE government promotes Blockchain for secure, efficient land registries?
  • Digitalizing property transactions to reduce paperwork and physical presence requirements
  • How does the UAE government encourage real estate transparency through data sharing with centralized platforms?

Co-Working Spaces & Technology - Setting the Framework for Enhanced Workspaces

  • Exploring Proptech’s impact on the evolution of flexible workspaces
  • Unraveling the notion of Space-as-a-Service
  • Is co-working about smart workspaces or also lowering carbon footprints?

Panel Discussion| Elevating Facilities Management - The Automated Renaissance of Smart Buildings

  • How are the smart building applications enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability?
  • Why is AI, Analytics and Mobile Applications the latest trend for efficient management of the property?
  • What role does a centralized helpdesk play for an effective cost management strategy

Real Estate 2.0 - A Data-Driven Journey with AI and Analytics

  • AI and Predictive analytics reducing downtime, repair costs and predictive maintenance
  • Role of AI in risk mitigation of the property with smart tenant screening, property investments, and compliance with regulations.
  • Analyzing tenant behavior and tenant retention with analytics

Closing Remarks by the Chairperson and End of Day One


Registration & Welcome Coffee

Opening Note by the Chairperson

Navigating the PropTech Frontier - A Journey Through Tenant Management

  • The transformation of tenant and property management dynamics by Proptech
  • Enhancing tenant experiences through streamlined communication
  • Proptech’ s role in automating contract creation, renewal and termination processes

Data-Driven Building Operations – The Rise of Platform-Led O&M Technologies

  • Importance for property owners and operators to have real-time visibility into operations
  • How can building operators uncover useful operational insights from their existing infrastructure?
  • Are property operators ready to remodel the way they manage and share building information?

Panel Discussion | The Transformative Power of Technology in Property Management and Beyond

  • How does AI & Analytics transform the way of property management? What’s Next?
  • What is the role of AR, VR & MR for providing and enhanced customer experience to buyers & sellers
  • Why is Sustainable property management a key trend in Middle east?

Real Estate Crowdfunding - Unlocking the Tokenization Ecosystem

  • The role of crowdfunding in shaping the future of real estate investments
  • Unpacking the advantages of crowdfunding
  • How do digital platforms enhance investment convenience, transparency and efficiency in crowdfunding?

Networking & Coffee Break

How Real Estate CRM Software and Marketing Automation Tools Drive Sales & Remodel the Digital Leasing Lifecycle?

  • Why are CRM and marketing automation necessary?
  • How can realtors amplify their margins in a digital and hyper-connected world?
  • How AI & Automation leads to data-driven decisioning and better customer interactions?

Panel Discussion| How Do Property Developers Embrace the Fusion of Physical and Digital Worlds Through Immersive Technology?

  • How has AR, VR & MR transformed the Real Estate industry?
  • How has immersive technology made property listings more engaging and shareable?
  • What are the benefits of incorporating immersive experience in real estate?

The Impact of AI and Data Analytics on Enhancing Contemporary Real Estate Transformation

  • Enhancing customer communication with AI – How AI facilitate improved customer interactions?
  • Unlocking insight-driven decision-making with big data and analytics
  • How can personalized customer preferences craft effortless experiences for clients?

Panel Discussion| Property Consultants in the Age of PropTech - Navigating Real Estate’s Digital Transformation

  • How property consultants adopt Proptech for streamlined services?
  • How does Data virtualization & Analytics assist with market analysis and predictions?
  • The role of AR and VR in virtual tours and property showcases

Closing Remarks by the Chairperson and End of the Summit

*This is a draft agenda. Timings are subject to change*

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